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Hebrew stories please

Hi Duolingo, I wanna know; why are there no Hebrew stories? But there are in the Romance languages, like French, Spanish, and Italian? But there are no stories in Hebrew עברית

I think that you would do well to create some stories (if only 1) in Hebrew. Since in the actual lessons, you do not get to hear them said very much.. So, please, some stories in Hebrew


June 19, 2019



I believe that stories were first made for those three romance languages as they are the most popular languages on Duo and it is used as a trial. That said, I would love to see stories for Hebrew as well as other languages. I hope in future, they will be added :)


The extra features, including the stories, are reserved only for the main languages, which also have paid staff. The other languages, including Hebrew, have only volunteers working on the courses and Duolingo has shown no interest in investing in these languages. So, it's not up to the Hebrew team, but Duolingo. And they are not interested. Sadly.


They should make a different website for the stories... I need the Buss-story in Hebrew!


Oh, thanks for spreading that.. I didn't know why.. Still, it's kinda sad that the #1 official language of Israel ישראל is not considered a "main" language. Kinda depressing to Jews worldwide to be told that :(


He probably means that the staff (getting paid) working on Duo, are english/german/french/spanish (portuguese) people. Or, English People who knows german/french/spanish (portuguese).

Ergo, the Duo-staff has no chinese person getting paid to translate chinese stories into italian and vice-versa. This is why there are no hebrew stories, because it is not done by paid staff.

Correct me if im wrong but that is how I understood it.


I agree, I would also love to hear stories in Hebrew.


There are no stories in the Dutch course either, but some of the native speakers are now making Dutch stories and posting them on the forum. So, if Duo won't do it, that is a possibility. My Hebrew is not advanced enough to write stories, although I am currently writing a story in Hebrew. I like writing and writing a story in a language you are learning poses interesting challenges, also from the writing perspective.


You might want to try lingq.com sadly the offerings for Hebrew weren't great, but the format was pretty good. Dutch probably has a lot more material.


I understand French, German, Spanish and Portuguese have stories. Not Italian.


Ik, I didn't say that, I was saying that Spanish, French, (Portuguese), and Italian are Romance languages..


It's worse than that, I'm learning Hebrew. Only Hebrew. They took away our clubs and added the stupid leaderboards. Romance languages are the easiest for English speakers to learn. People learning French and Spanish are always racking up a crazy amount of xp in the shortest time frame, and not increasing skills. I was told it was the stories. So, tonight, with one semester of French when I was 12 years old. I decided to see what stories were.. I've done 6 stories in 24 minutes. 205 xp. What's the point of the leaderboards, if you can get that much xp in such a short time? And I'm Gen X. It's cough, decades since I took that one Middle School French class.

I can see how the stories could be helpful. But the Hebrew course has so little audio, we have to write out romanizations to know how the words are supposed to be pronounced. If they want more subscribers, that would be a feature I would pay for. I'm not paying Duolingo for work volunteers did. I WOULD pay the course creators to record the audio/ add the material, so Hebrew stories can be added. I'm not sure why this isn't something available yet. It's not the same thing as audio posted in the forums, I can get Hebrew audio anywhere, it's the stories gameified format that is unique.

/end of rant/.

Thanks for reading, sigh.

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