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  5. "'IH paSloghlIj."

"'IH paSloghlIj."

Translation:Your socks are beautiful.

June 19, 2019



In the audio, the word paSloghlIj sounds like paSlogh lIj, with a large gap between the word and the suffix. It took me a few hearings to figure out what that last syllable was supposed to be.


I was just revelling in the last subsidings of the gh before starting the l. If a beginner next comes to complain that the audio here is too fast, they will know whom to blame. :-)


I like the way you party.

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There's no plural suffix on paSloghlIj. Is paSlogh a mass noun, or do you use the singular to refer to a pair?


Is paSlogh a mass noun

Yes. paSlogh on its own already means "socks".

I suppose it's in the same category as "furniture" or "silverware" or "clothing".

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