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"The device is not set up to transmit."

Translation:labbeHbe' jan.

June 19, 2019



How is a double consonant like this pronounced? Can it be contracted into a single sound, or should it be explicitly pronounced with two 'puffs' of b sounds?


You should hear both of them. Wait until you're trying to distinguish between Duy''a' and Duy'a'


Klingon for the Galactic Traveler has a long section on this very question. The answer is that it typically depends on the age or hipness of the speaker. Older or more formal speakers tend to either pronounce both consonants separately, aspirating each b, or lengthen a single consonant. Younger or more casual speakers tend to contract the cluster into a single consonant at normal length. A younger speaker would pronounce it more like labeH.


Theoretically you should finish one syllable and then start the next, so you would hear the b puff twice. In reality, it is not unusual for a speaker in normal conversation to hold the consonant a little longer or even shorten it to one consonant.

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