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  5. "Can you read out the letter?"

"Can you read out the letter?"

Translation:Apakah kamu bisa membacakan suratnya?

June 19, 2019



Why the -nya ending this time? There's no way that we could know that we are referring to a letter that was mentioned earlier in the exchange.


Can I say
membaca suratnya = read the letter
membacakan suratnya = read the letter aloud
membacakan saya suratnya = read the letter to me


Yes to the first two.

No to the third. "Membacakan" is a transitive verb that requires a direct object after it. So: membacakan suratnya untuk saya.


Hi Femmy, in the me-kan 2 lession appears a question "Mother fetches Tini porridge" It is translates as "Ibu mengambilkan Tini bubur" You just explained that a transisive verb requires a direct object after it. Can you please help me?


What is thr significan of the kan ending membicarakan membacakan ...compared to membicara and membaca ..is it more than just transitive and intransitive verbs

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