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"Kami tidak pernah membicarakan kamu."

Translation:We never talk about you.

June 19, 2019



How would it be if it is "talk to you"? Which element here tells us it is "about"?


talk to you = berbicara kepadamu

"About" is implied in the suffix "me-kan", which forms a transitive verb.


Why do we use in “ mereka membicarakan tentang peraturan” the word “tentang” while in “kami tidak pernah membicarakan kamu “ we don’t. “tentang” is not needed with a transitive verb but is it still correct to use it or is it kind of sloppy and we shouldn’t ?


We shouldn't use "tentang" after "membicarakan".


Thank you again for your responses which are helping me very much when DuoLingo’s information is somewhat confusing .


My effort - "we never discuss you' was marked incorrect. It shows as a correct translation in my Indonesian - English dictionary, so I have reported it. I would be interested to know what others think, cheers


Both Stevens’ Comprehensive Indonesian-English Dictionary and Tuttle’s Concise Indonesian Dictionary agree with you , so I am sure if you report it , Duo will be happy to add “discuss” also to their options !


Many thanks. Sometimes I find Duolingo a bit more of a battle than I expected, but I am enjoying getting back into my Indonesian studies again. cheers


Struggling as to why membicarakan is to "talk about" someone rather than to "talk to" someone? Anyone able to help?


If the sentence has "tidak pernah", doesn't that indicate they never have in the past? Not we never do talk about you, but we never have talked about you?


Yes, it also carries that aspective sense as well. "Never ever"

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