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  5. "How many players are coming?"

"How many players are coming?"

Translation:Berapa pemain yang datang?

June 20, 2019



When you hover over players the first suggestions is pemain-pemain - but this is marked as incorrect. If pemain is the correct answer this should be at the top of the hover list.


The translation is telling you what the plural of pemain is in isolation. In Indonesian, you don't need to explicitly make a noun plural if the context makes it clear. 'How many' implies there could at least theoretically be more than one. The translator isn't context specific, it's basically just a dictionary.


does it always have to be berapa banyak when plural?


When asking for amounts we'd almost always expect plural answer so idk about that, but:

Berapa : how many banyak : many

Just "berapa" is enough, but since it's asking about amounts, "berapa banyak" fit better

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