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  5. "This hole may not be closed."

"This hole may not be closed."

Translation:Lubang ini tidak boleh ditutup.

June 20, 2019



This sentence is ambiguous to my American English ears. It could mean one of two different things.

Either "Permission has not been granted to close this hole" (implication: this hole should stay open). This would be a use of the "permissive may."

Or else "This hole might not be closed" (implication: The speaker is remembers that there has been a hole there in the past and is uncertain regarding possibility of whether the hole has been closed yet.)


It doesn't matter, the translation is correct.


Agreed, for me as a Malaysian, my first instinct was that this sentence translates to "This hole cannot be closed." In the context that something is preventing the lid from closing the hole.

"Lubang ini mungkin tidak boleh ditutup" is a better translation to "This hole may not be closed" atleast according to my knowledge.


Did you learn Indonesian or it's just that Malaysian and Indonesian are so similar that the two languages are mutually intelligible?


The english sentence is ok but this is more colloquial "Don't cover this hole" or "This hole should not be closed"

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