"वह कुत्ता बड़ा है ।"

Translation:That dog is big.

June 20, 2019

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For those who are confused, त्त is typed with त - ् - त


For this question I answered "That is a big dog" ... which means the same as "That dog is big" . But it flagged it as a wrong answer . Please correct it.


While the sentences seem very similar and may be used interchangeably in English, there's a subtle difference. Only that it is explicit when translated in Hindi. That dog is BIG... Big is used as an adverb, while in... That is a BIG dog... Big is an adjective. In Hindi... the former is a more natural way of saying it. Exact translation of the latter would be.... Vah/ Woh ek bada kutta hai.


By mistake touch screen


That dog is big

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