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  5. "The child's mattress"

"The child's mattress"

Translation:Godoro la mtoto

June 20, 2019



Enquiry: when is "ya" used as distinguished from "la". For example, why is "Godoro ya mtoto" not right? May be it is right?


İn swahili, we have something called concord, which means the sentence is centered around the noun and all adjectives, possessives, demonstrative pronouns and verbs related to it must be "conjugated" according to the noun they are referring to. İn this case, the noun is "godoro - matress". Words like godoro belong to a class called the ji/ma class, which requires the possessive to be "la" on singular (godoro la mtoto - matress belonging to the child) and "ya" in the plural (magodoro ya mtoto - matresses belonging to the child).


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