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Stories for Norwegian

It'd be really cool if there was a story section for the Norwegian module, like they have for the German and Spanish modules. It would really help with context since I don't live in Norway. :)

June 20, 2019


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We'd be happy to make some, but have yet to be given the opportunity. The stories are an in-house project for the time being.


Thank you for the response! I’m really enjoying this app and I think it would really add value to the subscription. I’ve learned a ton because of Duolingo and I really appreciate the hard work and improvements that have gone into this program.


Until stories come out get some children books to get familar with the language and learn new words. Read the book, all the words you dont know, put them in a quizlet set. Quizlet is very good for getting words into your long term memory. It has flashcards and other modes try it out


Or you could use Tinycards


Another great idea. :). Thank you!


I’ve been attempting to read children’s books but I haven’t thought of the quizlet. Thank you!!!

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