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  5. "wej Qorwaghmey vISoQmoHtaH."

"wej Qorwaghmey vISoQmoHtaH."

Translation:I am closing the three windows.

June 20, 2019



I first thought of "wej" as "not yet". (Ok, that does not work with the continuous form..). Now my question is, can I usually distinguish the meanings of "wej" in context. What about something like "wej Qorwaghmey tISoQ"?


wej works just fine with the continuous. I am not yet closing windows; I am not yet in the process of closing windows.

You can, as you suggest, usually distinguish which wej it is through context. There is no context in Duolingo, so it's hard to know which wej is needed here.

wej Qorwaghmey tISoQ can mean either Don't close the windows yet! or Close three windows! You can't tell which without further context.


"Not yet" (and variations thereof) are accepted translations on this exercise.


Thanks for your replies!

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