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Hai, saya butuh bantuan

So I am learning Informal and formal Indonesian at the same time and don't seem to have much of a problem with it, but is there anywhere I can go to learn Informal only?? Or should I just ask my bf for help?? I found a website but it is full of mistakes on the informal side, sadly. :(

June 20, 2019



If you want to learn informal only, come and visit Indonesia!

Or, read memes from memecomic.id. Or 1cak.com. They're entertaining.


I Wish but I can not afford to go to Indonesia. I asked my ma for my senior trip to be to Japan and she said we can't even afford to go there right now. So I guess I'll wait a little while longer.


Informal is just all over the place as to usage. You need to be flexible with your brain. I think Indos generally use 3 or 4 languages so that gives flexibility.

I have been reading r/Indonesia. It is predominantly English but the Indo is quite wide in use there. The English use makes it a bit easier to follow through the Indo parts.

It is sad the Indo course can't be improve here. I did the reverse tree but it's too boring. Lots of mistakes there too.

I have found using Google translate and KBBI helps heaps to answer questions. I treat KBBI as a reference to what is the correct use of a word. It otherwise gets a bit too complicated with other dictionaries I have. It is quite sad that Indonesia doesn't adopt some of the slang evolution of the language. Making a language more efficient is really good and is why words evolve that way.


It is?? I never knew that.

Really?? Online?? Book??

It is very sad indeed. It is not in beta anymore though, which is very good. I agree, very boring and lots of mistakes but a bit helpful too imo.

That stuff helps me too, but google translate is sometimes laughably wrong. Indonesian is already easy the way it its, but too similar to it's counterpart, Malay. (Different vocab, but still). I like the informal Indonesian better but it's a shame that Duolingo refuses to teach slang.

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