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  5. "Is this heater broken?"

"Is this heater broken?"

Translation:Apakah pemanas ini rusak?

June 21, 2019



What's the difference between apa and apakah?


What's the difference between apa and apakah?

There is no difference in meaning.
When used in an interrogative sentence like this, '-kah' is optional.
Apakah = Apa ==> Apakah sounds more formal.

Thank you for reporting it.
(I'm assuming it was you that reported it).
The reason your translation was rejected is that it wasn't in the database yet.
It's updated now.


Yes it was - thanks for clearing that up! :)


Wouldn't 'patah' be more appropriate for the word 'broken'? Isn't 'rusak' closer to the word 'damaged'?

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