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"Influencer" / spammer aboard DUO

I'm posting to alert legitimate DUO users and admins: Someone using the handle Ann334292 is spamming multiple threads with a message about marriage infidelity and an agent who can fix such matters.

So far I've counted 10 threads (more are likely as I continue browsing) contaminated by this message / messenger. Easy to recognize because it's always completely out of context with the topic of the threads. All showing the same time of posting (UTC 10:00 on Friday Jun 21) so likely a bot, not a person.

Please downvote anytime you see this message in any thread, so it can be made to go away.

The DUO forums are usually a joy to browse, cuz they're almost always on topic and informative. Help keep the forums that way . . .

June 21, 2019



Please, submit an abuse report via
instead of giving more attention to the spammer.


Pentaan. On this occasion, good to alert the forum in order to dv all posts as quickly as possible. Regards.


Done and thanks. I couldn't find a "contact" button anywhere, or a "report abuse" button. This is a link that needs to be in a Sticky at the top of the Forums.


Quote: Please downvote anytime you see this message in any thread, so it can be made to go away.

Unfortuantely, this won't help anything.

Downvoted comments (e.g -3) are not hidden anymore.
Probably an update to the "discussion forum software" which broke that functionality.

Downvoting will also not stop a bot to permanently add new comments to other existing threads.

The only way to stop this is by filing an abuse report....or to hope that any forum moderator might notice it.


Thomas. Dv is better than nothing here! Credit to those who have seen and actioned/dv'd it. The required reports have been made, as you can see in this thread. We are pretty experienced with forum matters - I've been here for over 1000 days. Best regards to you.


Yes, I've seen it and reported this "hacker"/infidelity post about 20 minutes ago (9am). Many thanks for noticing it too! Feel free to put your title in CAPS! I think on this occasion it has been a good move to alert other forum users!:-) Best wishes to you.


I note Guidelines state users face loss of partial or full access to Duolingo without warning. This one is so blatant I would hope they would face immediate loss of full access, without warning.


I encountered another one who wanted followed on an android app that has a rep for child predators. I suggested they self delete and they apparently did.


I have noticed. Perhaps the -5 rule should apply 'in thread'?

Or a report button?

Or only 'bone fide language learners' ie streak 50+500XP/month or something can post?


Uphill. The posts I found were quickly fived thanks to vigilance of several of us.


Three posted on a discussion It was about my year in French... thanks for informing us I downvoted the comment


Paris. Merci for your eagle-eye and support.

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