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"How much money for these clothes?"

Translation:ʻEhia kālā no kēia lole?

June 21, 2019



My answer is "'Ehia kala keia mau lole". I learned "this" is "keia" and "these" are "keia mau". Is it right?


Yikes, I'm having troubling remembering this. Any other Hawaiian learners who have found a solution around learning these types of phrases well with several accents?


What is "this" that you are having trouble with? I'm guessing at your troubles here and offering tips. 'Ehia is about quantity - how much, how many. How much money? How many years old. And so on.


This/these are both kēia. It doesn't change with quantity. Same with that/those - both kēlā or kēnā, depending on the reference point.


Not consistently


I think it is "kēia" for "this" and not "kēia mau" for "these", because it refers to "ka lole", which in Hawaiian is written in its singular form, although in english "clothes" are in the plural.


Just a few prompts back the questions were about ka vs. Nā lole snd the solution was more about whether they were generic vs. specific clothes. Still very confusing!!

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