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Finished Spanish tree but still at level 11, is it a bug? And other issues.

I finished my tree yesterday, and to my surprise, I'm still at the level 11, and I had several strengthen skills to be completed, so I thought maybe I have to complete those strengthen skills before getting to level 13. I've been doing it for 2 days, and it's quite frustrating for the following reasons: 1) some of the strengthen skills, even if you completed successfully several times, it still says that you need to repeat it, what's the logic behind it? If I completed it successfully (when I took it, it showed 4/5, which means that if I successfully completed 1, then I'm done and shouldn't repeat it, right? Sometime this works, but sometime it doesn't, and it's quite frustrating for the following reasons: - the set of questions is quite limited, so after a while you start to do the same questions again, and the worst of all is that some of the CORRECT answers are not in the pool of answers, and you have to keep retyping those "weird" answers over and over in order to pass the test. - when I complete one set of skills, another one pops up showing that needed to be strengthen. So it seems to me that I'll have to keep doing it until I collect ALL the experience needed for level 13!!!! 2) Can the translation replace the strengthen skills? I'd rather do the translation, at least it's not repetitive. What I am asking is if I start doing the translation, can I strengthen my skills and by pass level 13?

Can someone please try to explain to me how this works. I'm not saying that it's bad, I just want to understand how this works, I think this is one of the best language learning site, but as a user, it seems to me that there are serious bugs, unless I'm wrong, it's this site's feature and not a bug.

Thanks for your comment/input. M

June 7, 2014



Your level is not an indication of how far down your tree you are. It is simply measured by the number of XP (experience points) you have earned. Level 25 is the highest level you can achieve and some students can reach this and still not have finished. Others, like yourself, have completed the tree extremely rapidly.

Each lesson, or strengthen words session you complete earns you XP's (there are also other ways such as immersion or challenges).


Thanks for your reply and clarification, but I still have one more question: if I use immersion or challenge to get XP, what happens to my strengthen skills? Right now I have several strengthen skills that are not full, and it I do not "fill" it, it'll end up at zero, besides, why when I try to strengthen, it asked me several times to repeat it even I had completed it successfully?


I am not sure about immersion because I currently don't have time (hopefully that will change soon).

The reason that you are asked several times before getting back to a gold skill is because is that each time you strengthen a skill, it will only strengthen a small number if words and if the number of words that need strengthening are greater than the number that you have just practiced then the skill will not go to gold, or will loose its gold status shortly following.

When we had the vocabulary facility, you could see which individual words needed strengthening, but now we just have to blindly follow the strengthen skill route.

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