Duolingo app opens itself

This is quite annoying, sometimes when I use my phone suddenly in a middle of whatever I was doing duolingo app opens the practice screen for me. Sometimes this is very disturbing to my workflow. I'm not talking about push notifications, I literally mean that app just opens out of nothing, this happens several times per day. Initially I thought this is some kind of practice reminder, however, it also happens even after I have completed my daily goal. I'm unsure if there is a setting for this, or is it some sort of a defect?

June 21, 2019


This is part of the new Duolingo Push feature. If you ignore your lessons, it will continue to open until you do them.

Kidding, kidding. You can submit a bug report here.

June 21, 2019

Do you open any URLs in the browser on your smartphone?

The Safari browser could be using URL redirects (in the mobile compact view) and force to open the mobile app.

I first heard about this issue with code updates on the mobile website for IOS on Safari.

June 21, 2019

I've been experiencing this same issue since March, 2019. It started at the same time I got a new phone (Samsung Galaxy s9), so I thought maybe it was a phone issue. It only happens with Duolingo. I might be reading the news, texting, or using a different app and suddenly Duolingo opens unprompted. If anyone finds a fix, I'd love to know!

July 11, 2019
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