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Just an idea for Duolingo: contact between users

First of all, thanks to all the staff, your work is simple but extremely useful. I have a small idea, but it seems quite useful to me, so here it is: there should be a paired learning service for Duolingo users which are interested in the mutual mother languages. It is easier explained whit an example i think. I am an italian student, and i'm learning german; i could get in contact with a german person who is learning italian, discuss on some topic suggested by the site and help each other improve the grasp of the language. A service like that on this already useful learning tool would be amazing for the results, i think. I'm not entirely sure i explained clearly my idea, i'm not very keen at expressing complex thoughts in English. Anyway, have a good day!

April 15, 2013



A chat room for each language with knowledgeable (bilingual) moderators would be nice too. Something sitting on top of an IRC server with flash front-end or something would be very easy to set up.


Well we can already add people as "friends" so this feature should do it, but it needs improvement. In my opinion what is missing is a research feature. Being able to search for other users by name, language, level, etc... would make your suggestion possible easily by doing a quick search and add the person as a friend.


It used to easy to follow others on Duolingo by "adding" them from the translations page or the home page. That option no longer seems to be available, so I am wondering how is one supposed to know who the other users of duolingo are. I only have access the few who I added in the beginning. The "add people as friends" feature might by good for adding a friend of your own but there is no central repository of users and their language profiles and stats as a guide for adding friends to follow. Does anybody have any ideas about this?


This is an excellent idea. I am a native English speaker learning Spanish, and communicating with a native Spanish speaker would be so helpful. Academic learning is a great start, but a some point you need to converse with a native speaker to learn the nuances of a language. Or the option of using a VOIP service (such as Mumble) to have small group chats to practice conversational skills.


What happens when you go to the home page of a friend and hit the "stream" tab? There is a box there that appears to allow you to send a message to the friend. I've never tried it, has anyone else?


It works, but the messages easily get lost in the flood of "User has translated X sentences", "User did a Spanish practice", etc. messages.


It works, but the messages are public and can be read by any visitor of this user's profile.


Or someway of users knowing how fluent a particular user is in a language and therefore knowing if any language advice given by that user is reliable.


Just go to the profile http://duolingo.com/#/username and have a look at the language levels and exercise bars of the user's different language tabs.


Yes I know that, I think it would be nice to see it immediately when you look at the discussion topic.


great ideas... great tool! I got started today using Duolingo and I find it very useful!


Great Idea! This would be most useful.


I think that would be really helpful. Actually speaking the language is crucial to the learning process. Websites like verbing and converstaionexchange have features where you can video chat with native speakers (and vice-versa if they're trying to learn your language), and integrating a similar feature into duolingo would be phenomenal.


really good idea!!!


I think this is a good idea, we should also have the ability to search by "last active" among language learners so we do not have to sort through un-active users.


I think this is a great idea. I have been so grateful to native speakers or even knowledgable speakers who answer questions in the Duolingo sentence discussions. It would be even better to have a reliable exchange with someone who is interested. There could be potential matches between similar intensities of study in addition to level.


Great idea!


That is a very cool idea.


Excuse me if I'm wrong, why do you have a "star" over your picture at times and sometimes not?

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