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World inter-languages. Hindi English Spanish French and Arabic

Hindi is a great language and unites northern India especailly linking related languages like Urdu, Punjabi and Bengali ,,, all megalanguages in themselves. Hmmm but there’s over 400 million native first language english speakers, and the same number of fluent second language speakers and a billion people with a little bit of english. Its the dominant language of science, air and sea transport, business and finance, academia, politics, tourism and the internet. When Hungarian vets go to a conference in Malaysia its in English. When a Sri Lankan does business in Nigeria its in English. In India the Tamils and Keralans use english in preference to Hindi to protect their Dravidian languages and culture. Over 90% of european children learn english. And huge percentages of those in China and India (especially the wealthy) are learning. Its also the language of global pop music and trashy american films. Here on duolingo it’s the main teaching medium and the largest language being studied. French people learn Hungarian via english. Dutch peolple study Japanese via English. As for us Welsh, englands first colony, we still keep our language even after 1500 years of English domination. It is what it is.

June 21, 2019


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