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study off-line or unsubscribe periodically?

Is it possible to make Duolingo work off-line one way or another OR to unsubscribe for a given period? With this new word-strength thing, I fear endless rehearsels since I will be off-line for several months next summer. In my experience two weeks no-show takes 1,5 weeks to recover. My god, what will happen if I cannot continue during 4 months (even though I will be practicing my French in France every day)? The weak mobile internet connection I have there is definitely not going to be capable of handling this heavy program!

April 15, 2013



Offline mode is only available on iPhone and the content is only downloaded for an hour of studying or so. There is no other way to study offline now. There are also no options to freeze your progress—just like there is no option to freeze your memory and prevent you from forgetting the language if you don't practice it for a long time.

Your story, however, is different as you are going to France. I'd suggest you not to worry about this virtual "word strength". Get a good textbook or any offline tool you can use to continue learning grammar while you practice spoken language in France. After 4 months in France you probably won't need Duolingo any more.

Also, if you put enough effort now, you can even manage to finish the entire course before your departure to France.


Thank you, Olimo for your reply. I'm afraid I will still need Duolingo after those four months, as I will stay in a remote area in France with only a few people to talk to occasionally. And what's more: French people never say 'I want to be like my wife', so there's a lot of practicing to do after returning home. No way that I could finish the entire course before departure. (I wish I could!)

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