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how to translate "I want one of those, please." to German

I have a question about how to translate:

"I want one of those, please."

I thought that "Ich möchte eins von denen, bitte." was correct, but I am being told the correct translation is "Ich will eins von diesen, bitte."


If there is error in a multiple choice question, how do I report it?

July 20, 2012



Talking to somebody in a shop and saying "ich will ein Brot." is very rude. When your result depends on cooperation of others you should use "möchte" "Ich will morgen abfahren" meaning "I want to leave tomorrow" is acceptable, when this decision is yours to take.


yes, i have the sense from my German friends that "ich will" is very rude. they have discouraged me from say it - i was surprised to see it use on this site in places where "ich möchte" is appropriate.


Your answer is right. Errors in multiple choice can be reported in the left margin with the button "feedback", which is always present.


Two things strike me about this (and I am only a novice learner so am prepared to be corrected). There is a subtle difference in meaning between ich will and ich möchte - ich will is "I want" whereas ich möchte is the more polite "I would like". However, it seems that German doesn't particularly distinguish between 'this' and 'that' or 'these' and 'those' in the precise way English does, so that's pretty much interchangeable.


"möchten" is the conditional form of "mögen", meaning "to like". so möchten is "would like" and is naturally more polite than just using "wollen".


in addition to the 'I would like' and 'I will' discussion already here, also 'one of those' I often translate as 'ein Stück davon' (as in a piece of....[cake], [pie], etc....)

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