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"This is the reddest dress that I have ever seen."

Translation:Ini gaun termerah yang pernah saya lihat.

June 22, 2019



Why "Ini gaun termerah yang saya pernah lihat" is wrong?


Why "Ini gaun termerah yang saya pernah lihat" is wrong?

The word order should be like this :

"Ini gaun termerah yang pernah saya lihat".

In such a 'yang' clause, the clause should be the 'passive type 2' .

That means that nothing comes between the agent/actor ('saya') and the verb ('lihat') .

Here is more info :
Passive type 1 and 2 , Tips & Notes, Addendum.


Can you explain then why the other sentence "Ini jus tomat termerah yang mereka pernah minum" is correct? This kind of contradicts your explanation...?


I have a different opinion from @Rick392366. This sentence is not passive because "saya" was not "seen" by someone. Rick392366's interpretation also cannot explain the counter-argument raised by @Supercoole4.

Here is my humble opinion. The similar question was posted here and I got answers from native speakers. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29384726

If the same logic can be applied, both "...YANG PERNAH saya lihat..." and "...YANG SAYA pernah lihat..." are grammatically correct. But the latter means a bit unnatural. "Yang" amplifies the following word. So, the former sentence ("yang + pernah") implies that I have seen many tomatoes in my life. And then, I pick up this tomato and describe that it's the reddest (i.e. emphasizing "ever"). Meanwhile the latter sentence ("yang + saya") implies that other people have never seen but I am the (only) person who can see (i.e. emphasizing "saya"). Therefore, the latter sounds a bit awkward.


why is 'ini gaun termerah yang pernah saya melihat' wrong?


See my comment above: it's a passive clause.

In such a 'yang' clause, the clause should be the 'passive type 2' .

"melihat" is active.


ok thanks, I will check this passive type 2 again.


Mengapa 'dilihat' salah?

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