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grosse vs grande

I thought grosse meant fat but acording to duolingo it means big... But so does grande. Its quite a confusing situation could anyone help me out?

6 years ago



Gabstar and CarissaNinja are both right but there are lots of other ways of translating the words.

Here are some rough guidelines* :

  • Gros / grosse often means fat when referring to people and large for everything else. The main exception, I think, is for insults to people, e.g ."gros malin" does not mean that you are crafty and fat, just very crafty.

  • Grand / grande is often more serious and positive than gros / grosse.

Dictionary suggested translations can be useful for grasping the difference between two words :

  • Gros / grosse = big, large, overweight, fat, serious, major, pregnant.
  • Grand / grande = tall, long, wide, big, large, great, main, high, (From Oxford- Hachette Concise)

Here is a link a forum discussion about the difference. It has examples.. * It also includes exceptions to what I called "rough guidelines". http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=173236 Hope this helps a bit.

6 years ago


I think gros/grosse means large or big and grande means tall or long. So you could have a tall glass of tea or a big glass of tea. I'm a beginner too though, so I can't swear to it ;)

6 years ago


Merci :) You have really helped!

6 years ago