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The words "yang baru"?

I read Indonesian quora a lot and try to translate word by word the questions and stuff, and the words "yang baru" come up a lot, apparently yang means 'that" (how??) and baru means new.

The question is "Apa fakta menyedihkan yang baru kamu pahami setelah menjadi orang dewasa?"

Well why do these words go at that spot?? And what exactly do they mean? I understand the rest (i think) but why do they go at that spot and what do they mean?

Also, how would you group the words? I try to do that with everything but I can't group these...

June 22, 2019



Apa fakta menyedihkan yang baru kamu pahami setelah menjadi orang dewasa?

It's grouped like this :

[Apa fakta menyedihkan]
[yang baru kamu pahami setelah menjadi orang dewasa?]

[What sad fact]
[that you just understand after becoming an adult]

First group:
'menyedihkan' is a verb, (active transitive and causative) but it's translated as an adjective.
'menyedihkan' = to cause sadness (to someone) (causative)

The second group is a "yang" clause.
It uses the passive type 2.

yang baru kamu pahami = that you just understand.
setelah menjadi orang dewasa = after becoming an adult.

It's better (and easier) to see the second group as two separate groups.
Like this :

[Apa fakta menyedihkan]
[yang baru kamu pahami]
[setelah menjadi orang dewasa?]


Thank you so much!


I would group "yang baru" with the first bit so "Apa fakta menyedihkan yang baru" translated as "What are the new saddening facts" or more literal but weird "What are the saddening facts that are new" . It is quite a weird concurance of words for english. I would write the whole thing as more " When becoming an adult what new things did you learn that made you sad". But a good more literal translation would be "What sad new facts did you come to know after becoming an adult"

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