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  5. "Abbiamo tanto da offrire."

"Abbiamo tanto da offrire."

Translation:We have so much to offer.

June 7, 2014



Why is it 'da' ?


It seems to be that, for the most part, there isn't any particular rule. You just have to know, and learn which prepositions sound right.

These two discussions provide some insight: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2702088 https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2702088


That's my question too. Also why not "d'offrire" then?


Only di can be shortened to d', here it's da, so it cannot.


I read a suggestion previously that da makes the following verb passive. So, in this sentence instead of reading it as We have much to offer, the da makes it read, We have much to be offered. Whether this is true or not I don't know. And why would you want to make it passive, and why this verb as opposed to another, I don't know either, but something to consider.


I can't stop reading this sentence in Bond-villain voices.


What is wrong with "We have much to offer."


I entered "We have much to offer" and it was accepted.


Perhaps they have changed the acceptable answers. Glad they now accept our translation as correct.


can't this be "too much" instead of "so much:" we have too much to offer...


"troppo" will be "too much"

Abbiamo troppo da offrire.

tanto is "much, many" or used as an adverb "very"


so much=>così tanto


I was marked wrong with "We have many to offer." "much" (so much) and "many" are very similar. In English, the "many to offer" would apply more towards physical things (like toys), whereas "much to offer" would apply more towards non-physical things (like skills). In what way was my response incorrect?


The meaning could be "many" only if "tanto" is in plural form (for which it has to be used as an adjective):

  • tanto/tanta = much
  • tanti/tante = many


I put "too much" and I'm marked wrong. Honestly it's like saying "oppore" for "o" which literally means the same. Please explain.


"troppo" is "too much" whereas "tanto" means "much" or "many" or "a lot", but not necessarily overly so. So they are not the same thing. One could have a lot of or many coins, but if they fit within your pocket, or bag, then there wouldn't be too many to fit.


I answered, "We have much to offer" and it was marked incorrect. I feel that either much or so much should be acceptable.


Why not "We have much to give?"


Ricordatevi...La carne in vettrina non è sempre la migliore qualità!

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