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девочка vs девушка


I have a question concerning the difference between девочка and девушка.

In the Duolingo course it is very clear, Девочка means girl in general, while девушка is girlfriend. However, I just looked up both words in the dictionary, and both are just translated as "girl" or "little girl". The meaning "girlfriend" is not mentioned.

(As a German I tend to use the trusted leo.org dictionary: https://dict.leo.org/russisch-deutsch/m%C3%A4dchen)

Is there any Russian how can explain the difference between the two words? Thanks in advance!

June 22, 2019



Девочка means little girl, a girl-child. Девушка is a girl-teenager or a young adult woman (in her twenties or even early thirties). Also девушка is a girlfriend.


Девочка can also be a kind of gentle treatment: a woman can call her female friends "девочки" despite of their age, or a man can call his girlfriend (beloved) so


девочка: girl before the age of puberty
девушка: from the age of puberty to womanhood


девочка means girl or little girl, while девушка means young lady. Adult women may call their close friends девочки.


девочки is the genetive of девочка, correct? So it is more or less like saying "my girl"?


In this case, it is the plural of девочка. Sorry, I don't know about "my girl". I just can say it is something like "Oh, ladies, I saw sooo beautiful dress yesterday" in only women company of friends.


девочки is plural for девочка. If you want to say "my girl", you'll say моя девочка. :)


"My girl" may be from 3 to 100 years old. 8)


Девочка - женщина от 0 до 12-15 лет. Также в романтическом смысле (You're my baby).

Девушка - женщина 12-40 лет. Также в романтическом смысле (She's my girlfriend).


In addition. “девочка”, “девушка”, "женщина" is also a form of appeal to unfamiliar women of the appropriate age.
Most of all, women of all ages (with the exception of very old women) like to be approached by a "девушка"


Thank you all for your answers and explanations, it is now very clear to me. Have some lingots!


this is what I enjoy about Duo; lots of good useful answers from native speakers.


i'm russian. девочка means a little girl or just gender (boy and girl), девушка means a young girl, not little and not enough old


Девочка - little girl Девушка - not little girl anymore, also might be girlfriend(with the word "парень" the same thing"

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