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Sponsored Child Video Greeting - Needs Translation

I have a sponsored child, Joseph, in Kenya, and I'd love to know what he's telling me in this video greeting. Even an approximate translation would be great!


All help is appreciated!

June 22, 2019



My Swahili isn't good enough to understand it all but it's definitely Swahili that he's speaking. He starts by saying that his name is Joseph and that he likes to play, later he says he likes to read or he might be saying that he likes to study a certain subject. The verb is the same either way and after that sentence it sounds like he might have said the word 'maths' in English.


The link is not working (access forbidden). Is he speaking Swahili? There are many more languages spoken in Kenya.


"Jambo. Jina langu ni Joseph. Napenda kucheza... chezo kandanda. (...can't understand... nna nngokerasi ppepit tatatu) Napenda kusoma Maths... (... can't understand... pep yangu omar) Kwa heri"

"Hello. My name is Joseph. I like to play... play soccer... I like to study math... (...mentions something that is his) Good bye"

maybe when i'm farther along in the course i could do better, but those are the words i understood.

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