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Hindi Keyboard

Hi there! I'm almost finished with the Hindi tree. I was thinking about going back and doing some of the earlier lessons using Hindi keyboard, however I don't seem to have the option to do that. I have only the Hindi multiple choices options. Does anyone know if this is possible on Android? I'm using the Google keyboard which does have Hindi language option. Thanks :-)

June 22, 2019



AFAIK, you can't switch between the word bank and keyboard on the app. What you can do is use Duolingo on your phone's browser which will allow you to use the keyboard.


Hi I am on Android an till more or less 10 days I could use the Hindi keyboard. It seems I cannot do it anymore. Can you help ? Using keyboard is really helping learn faster !


As far as I know, unless you are on some kind of Beta test, the Android app does not allow you to switch between the word bank and keyboard. However, some of the higher-level lessons have to be typed out on the keyboard and you don't have the option of the word bank for them.

Were you doing lessons at a higher level earlier and back to new lessons now?


Until i reached lesson 20/32 (more or less) it wasn't available. Then for a while I could switch between word bank and keyboard. I am now at lesson 26 but no more keyboard option, even when going back to older lessons :-(


Seems like you were part of some kind of beta test. Hopefully, the option to switch between keyboard and word bank is extended to everyone soon. Until then, using Duolingo on the browser when we're on phone seems to be the only option.


Looking forward to this !

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