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"The ambassador lives in the embassy."

Translation:rIvSo' Dab Duy'a'.

June 22, 2019



Another sentence in this lesson is, "rIvSo'Daq vum Duypu" law'." So why is, "rIvSo'Daq" not accepted here?


Dab takes the location as an object rather than as a locative. It is probably more accurate to translate it as "inhabit", though in English that's an unusual way to express that sentiment and we are more likely to say "live in".


So I Dab Utah, rather than Dab UtahDaq. Cause I'm living Utah (life elevated!). And the emissaries don't work the space station, but work THERE. qar'a'.


And ,"Dab takes the location as an object." Thanks.


Yes, it seems you have understood.


There are a few verbs whose meanings include locative notions, such as ghoS approach, proceed. The locative suffix need not be used on nouns which are the objects of such verbs. [...] If the locative suffix is used with such verbs, the resulting sentence is somewhat redundant, but not out-and-out wrong. (TKD)

Dab dwell in/at, reside in/at is one of those verbs. You can say rIvSo'Daq Dab Duy'a', but you sound redundant. rIvSo' Dab Duy'a' is better.

vum work, toil is not one of those verbs, so any locative associated with it will not be its object, and will require -Daq (or needs to be one of the few known inherently locative nouns, like naDev here, hereabouts).

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