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When Do You Start Your Next Lesson?

I go through and max out levels 1-5 on each lesson, getting the crown before I go to my next lesson. My sis jumps between lessons. So she might be on level 2 on foods but level 4 on animals. I'm wondering what other people do?

June 23, 2019



Practice, practice and practice. Go slowly and learn the details. Don't race if you want to thoroughly learn. I go on slow pace saying and memorizing. Write the words and keep a balance on your learning.

June 23, 2019


I master every skill before I move on~


recently, I've been trying the hovering method with Korean it's working for me so far, I recommend it.


And what is the hovering method?


I could write down a paragraph about the hovering method but I think this thread (that Duolingo did) makes it way too easy to understand. I hope it helps you.



I will usually start a new lesson, finish it up to level 2, then move on. After every new lesson I finish, before getting it to level 2, I will go back about 5 lessons and get that lesson to the max level. Most of my lessons are at level 5, and the farther down I go, the lower the level they are, and I gradually bring them all up as I go so they double as review for me.


I usually finish level 2 before moving on to the next one. Then after having done a bunch of lessons, I go through all of them again and I make flashcards out of all the new vocab from each lesson - then repeat this cycle for the next bunch of lessons. If the lesson is really easy to me because I already know everything, I usually just use the "test" function to reach level 5 quickly.


I just do multiple lessons at the same time. Some lower down in the tree to some higher up.


I finish 2 levels (The beginning one and then second one for review)


Learn the latest lesson. Pick a few of the past lessons as revision. Rinse and repeat. Move on to the next lesson when the latest lesson is already maxed out.

[deactivated user]

    I do the same thing that you do. I max out levels 1-5 on each lesson before I move on. That is the best way in my opinion. Also I do not use the word bank, so I only type which forces me to learn the keyboard and spelling. Everyone has a different style though, and this is what works for me.

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