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"Bagian terdangkal kolam ini adalah di sini, yang lain lebih dalam."

Translation:The shallowest part of this pool is here, the others are deeper.

June 23, 2019



Would “ada” instead of “adalah” be preferable here?


Bagian terdangkal kolam ini ada di sini = The shallowest part of the pool is located here


That is the translation I got but then changed it because it doesn't make much sense in English


Well it is at least correct English, even if it’s a very very unnatural thing to say and/or way to express it in English. Duo tends to go down these weird rabbit holes when inventing more sentences to say with the limited vocabulary of a particular lesson. I suppose we just need to accept that.


Most of the Indonesian section has horrible English


I am lost about what yang refers to in this sentence. Bagian terdangkal?


It refers to "bagian"

yang lain = other parts (of the pool)

The shallowest part of the pool is here, the rest of the pool is deeper (than here).


FWIW, this is a run-on sentence whose parts should be separated by a period or semicolon.

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