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  5. "Take off your slippers."

"Take off your slippers."

Translation:E wehe i ke kalipa.

June 23, 2019



Why is it not "E wehe i kou kalipa?" Ke kalina is the slipper/slippers. Mahalo.


"E wehe i kou kalipa." should be accepted. Report it.


kalipa = slipper. slippers should be nā kalipa


That is possible too.


Hemo is commonly used as a verb in pidgin English, but in standard Hawaiian, it's the result, not the action. Niihau speakers often say something that sounds like "Wemo to slipa," but that "wemo" is sort of a fast-speech contraction of "wehe a hemo." So it would be possible to say "E wehe (ʻoe) a hemo kou kalipa." Sort of cumbersome, but grammatically correct. A variation of the same thing could be "E wehe ʻoe i kou kalipa a hemo."

[deactivated user]

    How long has "kalipa" been a word? I found it in something from 2005. It is obviously a loaner word from English, but I find it hard to believe it was adopted as late as 2005.

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