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in Turkish siz vs sen

both of these mean "you" but when do you use "siz" when do you use "sen"??

June 23, 2019



If a person who he/she is your friend, then it might be better address his/her as ''sen''.. If you address a your friend as ''siz'', it is too formal and repulsive..


Sen is informal such as "du" in German. Siz is formal such as Sie in German.


Thanks I didn't realise, informal vs formal again! In duolingo questions it asks to translate "you" into Turkish then marks me wrong because I wrote siz not sen, have I just got to guess whether " you" is my friend or not?


Depends on the suffixes you use.


'Sen okula gidiyor musunuz?' is incorrect.

Because; you used 'sen' and you must not add the formal suffix '-uz'.Just without suffix 'musun?'

'Sen okula gidiyor musun?' (Do you go to school?)


'Siz benimle gelir misin?' is also incorrect because you used 'Siz',the formal way of saying 'you' and you have to add '-iz' at the end here.

'Siz,benimle gelir misiniz?' (Can you come with me?)

Conclusion; Use suffix in formal speech,and dont use in informal one.

Thus,i suppose that's why duolingo marked your question as wrong,you might have used wrong suffix.

If the problem is not the same as i explained,type the problem,especially the Duo's sentence so i can help you


Good explanation tesekkur ederim. I'll get back to you if I think Duolingo are marking me wrong for no reason.


Rica ederim.

I will answer right away,or soon.But I will. :)


As has been said, "sen" is the informal singular "you." It's for people you know well, small children, etc.

"Siz" is the formal singular. BUT it's also used any time "you" is plural. You could be talking to little kids, your siblings, whoever: Even if you'd normally address them informally, if "you" refers to more than one person, you use "siz." There isn't an equivalent of the German "ihr" for informal plural "you."

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