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Best Language to Learn? You guessed it PT-BR!

Here are two articles you guys might find interesting The top one is about Brazilian Portuguese and why it's the best language to learn!



April 15, 2013



Man!! I've checked the links... it feels like you really enjoy learning Portuguese!! Hope you can get it the best you can!! I'm always glad for your impressive insights!! Thanks a million...


Muito obrigado, meu amigo. Realmente adoro sua língua e sempre ganhei prazer de aprender e usá-la. Realmente é como uma segunda língua para mim. Penso, canto, e até sonho em Português. Mas é claro que não canto bem...


Since when portuguese is from Brazil? becawse apears the brazilian flag not the portuguese, and english from the US?


The flags dont mean where it came from, but the best-known. American english is well-known around the world over the Brittanic, as well as Portuguese from Brazil, where you'll see many more native speakers of Portuguese and a different accent!! http://blog.duolingo.com/post/34645793141/portuguese-is-here#disqus_thread


BR portuguese is somewhat different than European portuguese. While not entirely accurate, it's almost the difference between modern English and what you would read in Shakespearean play.

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