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Translation:He kanahikukūmālima

June 23, 2019



Note: (HE) in front of the numbers from 10 through 99 indicates AMOUNT numbers.


As opposed to what other type of numbers? Edit: After I read your reply, it looks as if by "amount" you mean a "cardinal" number (eg, one, two, three) and by "number" you mean an "ordinal" number (eg, first, second, third). Is this correct?


Nā Huahelu = Numbers

ʻole = zero (number)

ʻaʻohe = zero (amount)

ʻekahi = one (number)

hoʻokahi = one (amount)

ʻelua = two (number and amount)

ʻekolu = three (number and amount)

ʻehā = four (number and amount)

ʻelima = five (number and amount)

ʻeono = number six, amount six

ʻehiku = number seven, amount seven

ʻewalu = number eight, amount eight

ʻeiwa = number nine, amount nine

ʻumi = number ten

he ʻumi = amount ten

ʻumikūmākahi = eleven (number)

he ʻumikūmākahi = eleven (amount)

iwakālua = twenty (number)

he ʻiwakālua = twenty (amount)

ka mokuna ʻekahi = the first chapter, or chapter number one

hoʻokahi mokuna = one chapter (amount)


If it does not indicate if this is a number or an amount, kanahikukūmālima without the preceding "he" should be accepted.

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