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"A Klingon is afraid to trust a coward."

Translation:nuch voqvIp tlhIngan.

June 23, 2019



When I say something like "I'm afraid to fight you," versus something like this sentence: "I'm afraid to trust a coward," it seems to indicate a different kind of fear. The first seems to be more of a phobic, internal fear, whereas the second is more of a fear or dislike of the consequences of doing the action. Can -vIp mean both of these things?


Yes. I would say that -vIp is fairly broad. Be careful, though - there is a minor taboo against having -vIp applied to you and a Klingon might bristle, even at a statement such as this. Using -vIp with a fist person subject would be quite scandalous.


Rather cowardly.

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