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Best translation

We no longer have the option of choosing the best translation, not that it was a perfect way, but now who decides the best translation, the one which will stay. Or is it possible for users to go on editing for ever? I've just looked at one of mine which has been edited and IMO it's worse than my version. I'm not saying my translations are brilliant but I was just wondering. I mean you could end up with a complete mess if people are allowed to carry on changing things on a whim.

April 15, 2013



I think some people regard translation as putting together a string of English equivalent words, but it should be about making sense of an article in the words an English speaker would use. Fair enough if someone makes a first attempt which isn't perfect and someone else improves on it later.That's how we learn. But when it is changed again into something which is far from correct and doesn't even sound English then it seems pointless. Since only the latest version is shown then you wouldn't know how many changes have been made for the better (or worse)


I agree. It looks as if you could go through a document just editing every sentence & get the points & credit for the finished product without necessarily improving it. Someone else would have done the thinking for you. Of course, that is not a way to learn very much, but there are people who play these self-defeating games in any group, DL is no different.

This system needs work. The Wiki model may be the only way, with levels of editors. I enjoy translating some of these pages ( i did a couple of food/wine pages that were fun public relations nonsense that made me laugh), but it is a little frustrating with the current setup.


In addition to percyflage's excellent observation, I frequently find myself looking at the current translation and cringing at a misspelling or misplaced apostrophe, and debating whether or not to fix it. On the one hand, it's wrong to knowingly leave an error in the translation. On the other hand, I don't want to "steal" someone else's work with just a minor edit.

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