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  5. "दो अंडे"

"दो अंडे"

Translation:Two eggs

June 23, 2019



What the dot on the first 'letter' of eggs? I haven't seen this before until this lesson.


The dot on the letter (called the 'anusvaar' or 'bindu') represents a nasal consonant.

It introduces a nasal consonant that is pronounced with the same place of articulation as the letter that follows it. For example, in हिंदी it is pronounced as न (dental nasal) because द is a dental consonant (which is why हिंदी is also written हिन्दी), in अंडा it is pronounced as ण (retroflex nasal) because ड is a retroflex consonant, in लंबा it is pronounced as म (labial nasal) because ब is a labial consonant and so on.

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