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My story about life in America

Life in America is very difficult, owing to the fact that all man’s pockets are stuffed with different cards. Recently, my wife and I were at the grocery store. When our carriage was filled up, we came to the cash register and an agonizing procedure began. At first, I pushed the right button, then the left button, and again the left button. Then I slid my food stamp card, and suddenly… the siren raised a howl! The cash machine began to shiver as if it had a fever, and the frightened cashier ran away from it as fast as if he had been blown away by a tornado. I looked at the boy that was stuffing the products in the bags. He remained absolutely calm. “It looks as if I have broken this machine,” I suggested. “Maybe,” he answered,” but I don’t care.” A severe woman quickly came up to me. The cashier was hiding behind her back. “What’s the matter?” the woman asked me. “The machine won’t take my card,” I said. “Give it to me, please.” I gave it to her. She pushed the right button, than the left, again the left, slid my card and…wow! Again the siren, again the machine began to shiver. And suddenly I saw that my card had a strange color. “What are you doing? I asked. “Why are you sticking my medicine card in this machine?” The woman peered at the card in her hand, gave it back to me, smiled wryly, and went away. Since that time, when I come to this shop and the familiar cashier sees me, he twitches convulsively and hides behind the cash register.

Last week I tried to use my Driver’s License the same way. This time the cash register was calm as if it had died entirely. So now I know that using the License is absolutely safe.

‘ Can anybody check the text?

June 23, 2019

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Мы так недавно пытались открыть дверь при помощи банковской карты : D

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