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Finished the German Tree!

I have been working on the German tree for more than five years, and tonight, I have finally finished it. My impetus to learn German was mainly to help me during my travels. Five years ago I spent a month in Austria. Two summers ago I spent several weeks in Germany, and this summer I will return to Germany once again. And even if I am not fluent in the language, I can now ask for simple things and get by.

I found it was important not to rush through this tree as German grammar is pretty intricate. There are many lessons that I have countlessly repeated just to make sure that I understand the structure of the sentence as well as the vocabulary. I have also been listening to slow news in German (https://www.dw.com/de/deutsch-lernen/nachrichten/s-8030) and reading some elementary German books to get a better grasp of the language.

As you work through any tree, try not to rush it. And even if you reach the end of the tree, it's really just the beginning of your learning. Go out and apply the knowledge!

June 23, 2019



Congratulations. I love your patience with your learning. I totally agree and use the same method. Fully take the language in and don't rush it.


Good job buddy!!! Try the reverse tree for an extra challenge :-)


What exactly is reversing the tree?


Reversing the tree is when you learn English from the native German perspective. In other words, you will add a new course and select "I speak German", then select English as your langauge to study.


Ausgezeichnet! Congratulations to finishing the German Tree! Übung macht den Meister! :)


Congratulations! In an earlier post, someone suggested learning the German tree from your native language. I started doing that and although not far along, I've learned several new words and more natural ways of saying things in German. Enjoy your visit here! People sincerely appreciate the effort to speak in their native tongue.


I am going to give this a try next!


Prost du sack!


I absolutely refuse to finish my tree. I have a few sentences left, but the thought of having no German Course, is just too much to bear! :)


The German course often adds new material, so the tree doesn't stay complete for a long time ;)


do you have the tree all gold?


"As you work through any tree, try not to rush it. And even if you reach the end of the tree, it's really just the beginning of your learning. Go out and apply the knowledge!"

^Solid advice! Also congrats on finishing your German tree, now the fun really begins! Gut gemacht!


Fuenf Jahren? Mein Gott du hast geduld! Ausgezeichnet!


Glückwunsch! Gut gemacht. Always nice to see people interested in my native language and having the patience to work through the entire tree.


wow, 5 years and you can only "ask for simple things and get by".. doesn't inspire a lot of confidence. oh well, 4 and a half more years until I finish the tree


Gut gemacht!!!!


Congratulations!) 5 years! Wow!


Congratulations! 5 years... WOW.


congrats man, I still have a very long way to go but i try to avg. 300xp worth of work daily so i can finish the tree a little bit faster


Congratulations! that is so cool!


Congratulations! Das ist sehr gut!


For all the new German learners out there like me, I created a Twitter page @GermanLearners to have basic conversations in German. Pretty much a place to practice outside Duolingo. Feel free to follow! Danke, tschuss!


Congratulations!! Back when I met my husband we moved to germany. I did not have anything like this great Duo app to help me with the language only a once a week German class that I went to in Munich and brought my newborn to the kinderbetrueng. I new basics and how to give simple directions. I returned to the States and now 20 years later found Duo! It's helped me put things into better perspective. I'm halfway through but you are a great inspiration and must have a big sense of success. Enjoy your time there!


Congratulations! Now listen to Babylon Berlin with German subtitles. Best way of picking up language fluency is subtitled movies with subtitles in language film made.


I love Babylon Berlin. I’m happy that Netflix has a selection of shows and movies in German.


I just finished that series the exact same way. Great series and a unique story told from an era that is largely forgotten. I hear that they will be releasing a third season.


I've heard that about a third season as well and look forward to it. Another suggestion is "Der gleiche Himmel". Especially if you like spy series. Tom Schilling is really good.


Congratulations! I'm hoping to do that someday, but I still have a long way to go. I admire your dedication :)


Awesome! Cool podcast, I'll check it out. I've been looking around for some learner-friendly ones. Is it complex?


Gut gemacht! Vielen Dank, dass Sie diese inspirierende Nachricht teilen.


Congrats! I should be there with time


Wow! Nice job! Thanks for the advice! :) The trees all seem so endless to me...


Gut gemacht! Ich wünschte, ich hätte so viel Geduld beim Englischlernen. Ich habe gelernt, seit ich klein war, aber als Kind mit einem leicht ablenkbaren Gehirn habe ich nicht viel Englisch gelernt. Aber ich hoffe, dass ich mit Duolingo lernen und weiter lernen kann. Machen Sie einfach weiter so und machen Sie mit Ihrer Ausbildung weiter.


I suddenly think of "Ludwig Wittgenstein". How far are you with your German? I hardly know anything. You have never finished learning in German! Greetings I'll give a lingo so go through!


Welldone man. Thank for the slow news link.


congratulations :D greetings from austria


Ich gratuliere Sie! Viel Erfolg noch beim weiteren Lernen und viel Spass in Deutschland!


I recently picked up German to learn, just because I wanted to speak another language. I am really enjoying the learning learning it. Would take you advice and resist the urge to rush.




Gut gemacht! I wish you continued luck in your German learning journey. :) I absolutely love it and hope to finish my German tree in the next 6 months or so. Like others have suggested, I've also started doing a reverse tree from German into English. I've found that I've really enhanced my learning that way. I've also added online games, tv shows, books, podcasts, and conversations with others in German to try to enhance my learning that way too. I wish you luck on your visit. Immersing yourself in the language is one of the best ways to learn.


Congratulations, What is your next learning plan for German?


At the moment I’m traveling through Germany. I’m using my German at every possibility, which is helping me solidify my skills. I have a collection of German readers that I have been meaning to work through.


Good job!! I'm very happy for you




I know this is late but congratulations

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