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Native speakers of Hindi wanted for experiment


I'm a linguistics student and I'm doing an experiment about perception of colour and sound. For this experiment, I'm still looking for some more participants, especially participants whose native language is Hindi, Farsi or Turkish. If Hindi is your native langauge, I'd be really happy if you could help me out! The experiment is just a survey that takes around 5 minutes to fill in. Instructions are included.

Here is a link to the survey: https://tiny.cc/LingSeeHear

Thanks for helping out!

June 24, 2019



The page says that the survey has expired. :(


Yes, I just realized that. I am so stupid. I forgot I set it to expire on June 18, and then I wonder why I didn't get any more replies after June 17. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do anymore, because I have to submit the paper already. -_-

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