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  5. My micro phone won't turn on.


My micro phone won't turn on.

When I plug in my headset the dialog box does NOT appear for me to check on the microphone. How do I correct that? Thanks.

June 7, 2014

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Hi Jackitdos,

When posting to Troubleshooting, please always include what operating system and browser you're on when you are experiencing technical difficulties. (For example, mine are Windows7/Firefox.) Or, if you are on an app, please let Duolingo know which platform you are on (for example, Android, iPhone, etc.) You can still edit your post and add it. Thanks!

Next, have you gone into your settings and made sure that you have enabled your mic?

Here are some instructions (they are for turning sounds off, but, you can use them to find out how to turn sounds on as well)


Also, make sure that you have not muted the volume on your computer. (That has happened to me.)

I hope this helps! ^_^

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