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  5. "qoqlIj qIj yIlIj!"

"qoqlIj qIj yIlIj!"

Translation:Forget your black robot!

June 24, 2019



Hi there. I translated this one as "Forget about your black robot" and this answer was not accepted. I believe it was because I added the word "about." Now I've found several sources online suggesting that these to variations on forget ("forget" and "forget about") are equivalent, but what I found most interesting was that according to one source, adding the word "about" is actually more accurate due to that fact that the sentence presented for translation is a command:

"In the M-W Learner's Dictionary is found the following, by Peter Sokolowski: [W]hat's the difference between forget and forget about? Forget about is used with a couple specific senses of forget. In the following senses, the use of about is optional. When forget is used to mean "to stop thinking or caring about (someone)": He was once a famous actor, but now most people have forgotten (about) him. You shouldn't forget (about) your old friends.

When forget is used to mean "to stop thinking or caring about (something) on purpose": We need to forget (about) our differences and learn to get along. “I'm sorry I'm late.” “That's OK. Forget (about) it.” [=don't worry about it] Forget about finding a way to escape—there's no way out of here. I had almost forgotten about my car accident last year. About can add some emphasis when something specific is forgotten, but sometimes the structure of the sentence changes: I forgot to pay the bill. = I forgot about paying the bill."


The grammar matches closer without "about", so I will leave that as the best translation, but I have added "about" as an also accepted translation.


Thank you for updating so that both are accepted! I am however quite interested in how you are figuring sans "about" as being more accurate than with "about" as would be suggested by the fact that the sample sentence is a command. Please include references and examples as I am eager to learn!


Notice that I did not say "more accurate", I said "closer". To my native ear, I find the sentence acceptable either with or without "about", but the Klingon sentence has no word corresponding to the English "about", so I think many learners will see the connections more directly if the word "about" is absent from the translation which displays (called the "best translation" in Duolingo).


Thanks for sharing how you are thinking about this! Its very helpful to hear your perspective on this stuff.

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