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"The upright bass has four strings."

Translation:ʻEhā ʻaha o ka pila kū nui.

June 24, 2019



Could you use "kaula" here as well? It marked me wrong but in most other examples kaula and 'aha have seemed interchangeable. Am I missing something?


'aha is a string for musical instruments, and kaula is just string in general.


Mahalo nui! I came to ask that same question. So when is "kaula" correctly used for musical strings (it's appeared in this lesson as a correct translation several times). Mahalo no kokua


Well, I am having a difficult time with this lesson.

"Pick the guitar string."
E hiku i ke kaula kīkā.

Not an instrument string on the guitar. It is just a (kaula) cord. But definitely an instrument string ('aha) on the upright bass. Guitar should be classified as a musical instrument. What is the rule? I need a guideline.


I'm thinking it has to do with sentence construction - "x has 4 strings" = 'aha. "The guitar string" = kaula.

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