French Twitter - An interesting source for daily small reads

Recently, I've started to follow some French newspaper and cultural Twitter feeds. I've become so enamored with them that I thought I would share them with folks.

Also to see if anyone had additional suggestions.

For example, this just popped up in my feed: "L’étonnante origine du mot «canicule»". Given the current heatwave (and that «canicule» is part of the French tree), it's an interesting read.

Here's the list I'm following at the moment. I'd love to hear suggestions.

  • @Figaro_Culture
  • @FigaroPlume
  • @LeMonde_correct
  • @FRANCE24
  • @Artmedieval
  • @HMedievale
  • @LaTourEiffel
  • @notredameparis
June 24, 2019


Smart idea. Also, you can't beat some literal Google Translate translations to check your understanding. Just check this beauty from the @LeMonde_correct feed's profile statement: "Slices of correctors and correctors who decide, in the newspaper says @lemondefr. With tongue tips spicy sauce in it."

June 24, 2019

On the lighter side, I’ve been following @bouletcorp Des Bandes Dessinées.

June 25, 2019

I'm doing similar, but with Instagram. Part of my aim in wanting to learn is that I fantasise about restoring a french house some day. I follow a bunch of gardening and house accounts in French--it's a fun way to try to keep fresh.

June 25, 2019

On of the things you can do on Mastodon is narrow down the languages you want to hear from, and it's an easy way to get a selection of international voices without having to seek out individual accounts. If you pick a community to sign up to (known as an instance), choose your languages in the options, and then click on the world symbol to get the public feed, you can have a series of messages in whatever language(s) you're learning.

June 25, 2019
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