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  5. "Der gute Name ist alles."

"Der gute Name ist alles."

Translation:A good name is everything.

April 15, 2013



error "The good name is everything. You used the indefinite "A" here, instead of the definite "The".

Nobody would say "THE good name is everything", even "A good name..." is a bit silly. We express this as "Reputation is everything"


Not an error: one would say "Der gute Name ist alles" in German.


I also said "A good name is everything" which would be fine in English. To me using "The" sounded weird.


Can 'Name' in this case can also be translated as 'reputation'?


It's a colloquial phrase. they use "the" instead of "a" as you would find in English.


Warum ist es 'DER gute Name' und nicht 'EIN gute Name'?


I had ¨A good name is Alice." Time to turn off the computer.


Ohh inflection/declension. It takes a little time, but is fun once you get the hang of it!!


Why not der guter rather than der gute? Because I am stupid and used to romantic languages where it must rhyme.


Might of missed something, why is it gute Name and not guten Name_


Thanks for this christian


I thought Name follows the n-declension? Why isn't it Der gute Namen?


It's the mixed form: der Name, des Namens, den Namen, dem Namen.


What do you mean by mixed form?


There are several forms of masculine nouns. You have, zum beispiel, the most common form for masculine in Deutsch: der Mann, den Mann, dem Mann, des Mann(e)s. This form is easy to remember and much easier to signify as masculine when you are not sure. But some nouns have another form, having the genitive, the accusative and the dative cases different from the nominative case, zum beispiel: der Drache, den Drachen, dem Drachen, des Drachen; der Prinz, den Prinzen, dem Prinzen, des Prinzen. These are also called sometimes the "N-nouns" (guess why) There are masculine nouns that are mixed from the two former forms. To this group you can add "Name" (pay attemtion to the genitive -ns ending):
der Name, den Namen, dem Namen, des Namens. So, the first "regular" form and the second "N-nouns" form are mixed to the so-called "mixed" form. It is mixed form the "n" ending of the second one and the genitive "s" ending of the first one. i was taught to call it the "mixed form".

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What about "Good name is everything?" Duo rejected it, but I tnink it's also valid. Thoughts?

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