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"Kami mengendarai mobil ke Jakarta."

Translation:We drive a car to Jakarta.

June 24, 2019



can it be "THE car"? If there are no articles in the Indonesian ("itu" would be "that", isn't it?)


What about "We ride a car to Jakarta".


What would be the difference between the use of "mengendarai" and "mengemudikan" to say "drive"?


I had the same question in my mind. According to several dictionaries as well as answers from native speakers, there are three words for "to drive":

1) "Mengemudi"(-kan) -- The root word is "Kemudi", which means "steering wheel/helm/rein". So, the "controlling vehicles" is the closest nuance of "Mengemudi". "Mengemudi" is particularly used for airplanes, trains, ships and cars, all of which require certain driving skills.

2) "Mengendarai" -- The root word is "kendara". "Berkendara" means "to ride" (not "to drive"). "Kendaraan" (the suffix "-an") means "vehicle". "Mengendarai" can be used for "to drive a car etc" and "to ride a horse/bicycle etc". If you say "mengendarai" with a car, it doesn't tell whether you are a driver or a passenger. "Mengendarai" and "naik" (to ride/to get on) are somewhat synonyms.

3) "Menyetir" -- "Menyetir" and "mengemudi" are synonyms, but "menyetir" is for informal/casual conversations. "Stir" is the root word of "menyetir". "Stir" means "a steering wheel".



Why not: We drive by car to Jakarta?

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