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"Your face pollutes the view here."

Translation:Wajah kamu mencemari pemandangan di sini.

June 24, 2019



Why would you say this to anyone? We are suppsed to learn Indonesian, not insult people.


I love how this chapter teaches one to be snarky.


Maybe this negative sentence will help us when if we go to Indonesia and some guys said that to us then we can understand what the bad they said about us. So we can know how to respond well to the bad phrases that say about us.


No offense here, but I'm curious to know what would be your reply to those guys Suzanecarmen!


you can say Excuse me, why are you so rude. Or any creative things. So Indonesian will surprise that you know some of their words. So they will stop to insult you and feel a shame to their words.


Oh yeaaah. Like "mengapa kamu gak sopan dengan saya?!"


I agree, but it's also true that we need to get used to bad languages. We learn them, but we don't use them.


What is the difference between wajah and muka


WAJAH is the part of the human body where the eyeballs are embedded and its accessories include a hangout place for the nose, complete with mouth, complete with bad breath.

MUKA, if the human body also refers to the face (because face is in front), MUKA can also mean FRONT if it is on an object or place, for example muka rumah (the front of a house) or halaman muka (front page).

So, the WAJAH must be FACE, but MUKA is not necessarily FACE.


Oh my god duo you should not insult anyone:(


Seriously, Duo?!


Hahaha yes as you all said, it's not advised to insult anyone, and especially Asian people as their sense of humour is quite different than ours, never make them "loose their face"!


Frasa berguna, trims Duo!

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