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  5. "Those are three sulky boys."

"Those are three sulky boys."

Translation:ʻEkolu keiki kāne nuha kēlā.

June 24, 2019



This whole numbers unit is really frustrating to me because the numbers are all very similar visually, but Duo also throws in other new vocab too. So it isn't enough to learn how to say "those are three boys," you have to know the boys are sulky or the dog is black, etc. This is a unit that should just be focused on learning numbers and their uses along with words that have already been learned in previous lessons. I just needed to vent because i feel this unit sapping my will to continue after 120+ days straight of the language.


I find I need to study the vocab with flashcards after my first time through the lesson or it doesnʻt stick. I had similar difficulty with the numbers, but this helped:



Why isn't "Aia 'ekolu keiki kāne nuha kēla" correct, or accepted?


For this prompt, the use of aia is awkward because aia places the subject at a location or within a time frame.

Aia ka noho ma ka hale.
"The chair is in the house."

Aia ka pā'ina ma ka Lapule.
"The party is on [inside of, within] Sunday."

For this prompt, the sentence calls attention to the boys, but does not place them anywhere. They are already in their place.


Does kela mean those as well as that ?


kēlā still means "over there" in this case.

Literally the sentence is saying: "Three sulky boys over there."

Colloquially it means: "Those are three sulky boys."

Just part of the joy of learning a language with a different syntax.


I suppose so, if we are talking about plural. What is the plural of "that?"


Interesting that the help prompt showed kēlā mau, but then that was marked incorrect.

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