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  5. "They meet at noon."

"They meet at noon."

Translation:Mereka bertemu di siang hari.

June 25, 2019



Why is hari used here - 'they meet at noon' not they 'meet at noon hari' - if it is they meet at noon today - should it be 'mereka bertemu siang hari ini'


the answer from Duo lingo is wrong. di siang hari is not used in Indonesia. If it must be formal then pada is used like: di pada siang. Used in Indonesia in this case is: Mereka bertemu siang.


No idea. When I'm in Jakarta, Siang is used more late morning/early afternoon. "kami bertemu di siang ini?" I think that Duolingo is going ultra formal here. Kind of confusing.


Isn't noon tengah hari?


"They meet at midday" is more accurate.

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